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The Flying Wheels Motorcycle/Motorscooter Club was founded in the mid 60’s by Clyde and Celeste Spurlock who came to Arizona from Kansas. The original members were riding MOPEDS and small motorcycles up to 125 cc’s.. These bikes were popular with the members into the early 80’s.  Members met every Saturday for rides in and around Sun City at speeds averaging 20 mph.


By mid 1985 larger bikes were making the scene. Members had elected to go for bikes with larger engines and greater cruising speeds. The morning riders were now cruising at 30/35 mph with top speeds pushing 50 mph. Members gradually opted for even larger bikes, several members started using the Honda 250 Helix as their preferred choice. These changes resulted in still longer rides at higher speeds and a desire for more riding days. Thus, Tuesday mornings were added to the weekly ride schedule.


The Lakeview Recreation Center was designated to be the launch area from where all rides began.

Saturday mornings had been reserved for the clubs traditional Breakfast/Meeting. It began with a short ride of approximately one hour and ended at a pre-designated restaurant for the meeting followed by breakfast. Generally the meeting began with a discussion by the Club Officers of old and new business and then reverted to a gentlemanly discussion of worldly topics, problems and their resolutions, along with joke telling, pranks, friendly insults, tall stories, absolute lies and quickly ending when someone began to show pictures of their grandkids.


The club has, since it’s inception, provided a place for motorcycle enthusiasts to meet and participate in motorcycling activities. It’s purpose is to promote interest in riding and to encourage fellowship amongst it’s members. The traditions that began back in the 60’s by a small group of bikers are still being carried forth and enjoyed by our current membership. The Bikes are still getting bigger, the rides longer and more frequent.


Original Author: JAMES HERZOG circa 1970


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