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Riding and Safety Guidelines


Safety is everyone's responsibility! Each rider is responsible for themselves, their passenger, and the safe operation of their bike, so they don't endanger themselves or anyone else. All members should be concerned with safety and should ride as safely as possible.

Group rides have a Ride Leader and a Tail Gunner. The Ride Leader plans and leads the ride and the Tail Gunner stops to assist any members who have problems.

Riding in an unsafe manner can cause injury to you or someone else. Therefore, if a member observes another rider riding in an unsafe manner, it is your responsibility to address the safety concern as soon as practical. Safety issues that can't be resolved between the members should be forwarded to a member of the club's executive committee for further review.

All riding members are required to comply with existing laws and regulations to operate a motorcycle.

The Ride Leader shall insure a Tail Gunner is assigned.

The leader should inform the group of the destination and route.

If it is necessary for a rider to stop, the group will proceed to the first safe spot and pull over while the Tail Gunner assists the stopped motorcycle.

Alcohol or any substance which may impair your abilities is prohibited at all club rides.




Rev. 2024-01

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